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New Directions

September 1, 2012


With 45 bookings from August 1st through October 31st, Amy & I (along with our old Timeless Feel artists Cathy, Robert, and Steven) have at least one measure of success on the books. And with Nancy’s behind-the-scenes help, the addition of Dave “Doc” Daugherty and Gary Collins in the re-formed Whiskey band (with Amy on […]

The Tour – Part 1

July 16, 2012


The Tour – Part 1:  Planning Having done a lot of gigs all over the State, it’s time for our first tour. No, not a complete Timeless Feel Artist Roster tour, but a tour for Amy & me, with Robert at one gig and Steven at another, and peppering the State with our business cards […]

Joel – 100th Blog

June 28, 2012


[Editor’s Note: This week, Living the Dream is publishing its 100th post.] Well, between Robert and I we have now hit 100 total blog posts since this experiment began. So it’s time for some “thank yous.” First, Nancy, whose wonderful work on the web site and web pages is only surpassed by her support of […]

Joel – Secret of Success

May 31, 2012


The one thing I’ve not been successful in doing is devising a plan to put butts in the seats/on the dance floor. But the secret to doing that is something I only recently uncovered: you have to go out to places and talk to people. Selling the band isn’t difficult work, but it is time-consuming […]

Joel – To Do List –

May 16, 2012


To Do List: Full A combination of this temporary grading ISTEP job Amy & I have (through memorial day, maybe a week longer), the hacking cough that took us both 3 months to recover from, and a gigless period that saw us get out of our established routines has left us exhausted, forgetful of some of […]

Joel – Gigs 3 , Voice 0.7

May 4, 2012


Well, Saturday’s party made some money for the “Country!” band, and the 2nd open stage made additional contacts for Amy & me. Tonight’s Moose Lodge gig, the 3rd performance in 7 days, will either establish a place we can eventually gain a residency, or give us some money for a kind of “new start” on […]

Joel – Moving Along

April 25, 2012


Tonight’s practice confirmed with Steven the set lists Amy & I have agreed on for the upcoming private party that’ll be half “The Future Retros” and half “Country!”  Of course, we also are working on the 4-set TFR night coming up on Friday the 4th of May. And Amy & I have hosting/running Birdy’s monthly […]