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Posted on September 1, 2012


With 45 bookings from August 1st through October 31st, Amy & I (along with our old Timeless Feel artists Cathy, Robert, and Steven) have at least one measure of success on the books. And with Nancy’s behind-the-scenes help, the addition of Dave “Doc” Daugherty and Gary Collins in the re-formed Whiskey band (with Amy on bass, and Doc, Gary, & I from the original Whiskey band), and the other members of both Il Troubadore and Judy & Jim’s band associating with us, we’re prepared to move forward.

This also changes the nature of the blogs as they have been. Robert is revising his blog now that the major accomplishments of his lifestyle change program have been accomplished. What will he cover in the future? Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, this blog, which went from how anyone could get started on a shoestring in music (and the challenges of doing so) through the challenges, successes, and failures on a real-time basis as Timeless Feel (dot com) turned from an idea into reality.

My blog is changing direction to relate what happened a year ago, what is happening the same time-frame now, and what we think will be happening a year from now. Hopefully this will see the Timeless Feel turn into a self-sustaining business, although it will take longer than the two years I initially was hoping.

I’ve heard from friends who have tried to start small businesses that it’s not 3-5 years until the business is a success; the first 5 are for “keeping the doors open” – just keeping afloat. But by starting with minimal finances, minimal product in terms of bands, minimal expertise in the production and sales aspects, and no contacts either in or around the local music scene except as an occasional player on the scene, everyone not directly involved has been surprised that it is almost paying for itself at this point, only 16 months since Day 1.

One Year Ago: “August is half through, and for the first time a month looks like it will finish with the “music” category of our budget being totally paid for by earnings from gigs & CD sales. That’s the equivalent to the framed “first dollar” on many small business walls. 8 gigs (August), 4 (September), 8 (October).”

This Week: 3 gigs yesterday, the most money earned any one day since I became a professional musician. Total gigs Aug-Oct: 45. That’s a bit more than 20.

Next Year: Hopefully we’ll headline the Feast of Lanterns, have a very high-profile pair of gigs during the Covered Bridge Festival, and our new idea for the TV SHOW (see next week’s blog) will have paid off.

Joel Conner
August 19th, 2012


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