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Posted on May 31, 2012


Robert Bruce Scott & Joel Conner

May 27 – Weight = 201

Only two pounds lost. It will take some time to get this turned around, but I still have to get 25 pounds off. For the past several months I have been increasing my activities. That won’t do what I need – I have to bring my calorie intake down. There are a number of items I can cut out of my diet.

Protein drinks – I know I don’t need these. I generally drink one every other day. They’re about 300 calories and really don’t contain anything I need that I’m not already getting from fresh vegetables and fish. I just like the taste.

Cream – I love dipping my fruit in cream. I have no idea how many calories I get from this, but I’m sure it adds up. Needs to go back to being an occasional treat.

Nuts – I don’t need to take these out of my diet – just really cut down on them. One way that will help is to restrict myself to raw nuts or only those I cook at home. I find I eat fewer nuts when I eat them raw. When they’re roasted and salty I eat more of them – and probably get far less nutritional value from them.

Diet soda – My real weakness. While diet soda has no calories, it adds chemicals to my body that the water content then needs to carry out – reducing the water’s ability to carry out the oils I need to get rid of from my fat cells.

Damn, that’s a lot of tasty stuff I need to cut back on or eliminate altogether.

We’ll check back in this next week and see if I manage it. . . .


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