Joel – Memorial Day

Posted on May 31, 2012


Robert Bruce Scott & Joel Conner

Of course, Indianapolis is a unique city in which to live on Memorial Day due to the world-wide event known as the Indy 500. But in addition to suddenly being aware that all eyes can be focused on our little town (and Indianapolis is the world’s largest “small town”}, it’s a very patriotic state, so the honest appreciation for our veterans comes to the fore as well.

We made some new band-friends via recording, the open stage we’re running, and the recent 3-gigs-in-a-week we managed to get and play well. And exhausting as doing this is, as we were playing together on Memorial Day at the open stage, we knew that this was not in the same league as tough as what our men and women in uniform go through all the time. So we salute them and thank them.

Oh, and the business now has a new laptop. Still working the bugs out of it, but it should dramatically improve our ability to create things and give presentations anywhere, any time. Including doing the blog more quickly next time!

Joel Conner



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